Coconut, Pineapple And Ginger Drink To Lose Weight And Eliminate Liquids

The best way to lose weight is to replace the foods that make us increase kilos by healthier ones that activate the metabolism to burn more calories and help us eliminate fluids to lose volume.

Discover in this article a delicious drink based on coconut, pineapple and ginger to lose weight and remove liquids in a balanced manner.

No to miracle diets

Today there are many types of “miracle diets” that promise quick and surprising results in a very short time.

These diets are usually based on some food with beneficial properties for health and weight loss. However, they are usually strict and unbalanced diets, very low in fat and calories.

An effective and healthy diet is one that does not cause suffering to the person who follows it, but makes you feel full of optimism and vitality, while improving your way of eating progressively.

Foods that use miracle diets do provide an excellent way to lose weight more easily. However, they should be included in a balanced diet.


Lose Weight With Healthy Foods

Here are three foods that will help us boost our body’s ability to burn calories, burn fat, and eliminate fluids.

The coconut

Coconut is a tropical fruit that for many years has had a bad reputation for its high content in saturated fats.

However, with the passage of time coconut has proved to be a very nutritious food whose fats are beneficial for health and also for weight loss.

By consuming this fat, our body speeds up the metabolism so that we can lose weight more easily, as long as we are overweight.

In this sense, this food will not be useful for losing weight if the person does not need it, since it acts as regulator.

In addition, coconut oil improves heart health, raises defenses, provides energy, keeps skin healthy and regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland, which in some cases also causes weight gain.


Pineapple is a common food in diets for weight loss purposes and also a common remedy for many digestive disorders.

This tropical fruit is high in water and fiber and, on the other hand, very low in calories.

These characteristics make it an excellent option to satiate with ease when we feel hungry peaks between hours.

This fruit also stands out because of its high diuretic power, since its habitual consumption helps us to eliminate the liquids that accumulate in the body and that they cause swelling in zones like the legs, the belly or the face.


Ginger is a root that is used as a spice in many countries to give a touch of refreshing and spicy taste, facilitate digestion and improve the juiciness of food.

However, its use as a medicinal remedy is ideal for improving digestion, eliminating toxins and fluids and, above all, to activate the metabolism.

Metabolism is the function that is responsible for energy expenditure, so if we increase it, we will burn more calories with the same effort.

Diuretic drink to lose weight

• The middle coconut pulp
• Half mature pineapple
• A piece of ginger (to taste)
• 1 liter of water

Note: If we can not get a fresh coconut, we can use coconut milk already prepared instead of the liter of water.


• First, we will liquefy the coconut pulp with hot water for a few minutes.
• Add the pineapple and ginger and beat again until a more or less homogenous mixture.
• We will pour the drink and, if we wish, we will cool it in the refrigerator.
• We can sweeten it with a little stevia. However, the pineapple already provides natural sweetness.

How do we take it?
We will take this diuretic and depurative drink throughout the day as follows:

• 2 glasses on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast.
• 1 glass at midmorning.
•1 glass in the afternoon.
If we take it out of meals we will be able to boost its benefits to lose weight.

We can drink this drink one or two weeks, several times a year. We will always accompany you with a balanced and healthy diet.

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