Coconut Oil And Lemon Blend – Will Help You Get Your Hair Back With Its Natural Color

It is very natural for hair to turn gray as it ages, but there has been an increase in the rate of gray hair among young people due to the increase in daily stress levels. Other factors responsible for premature gray hair include:

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, Malnutrition, Hormonal imbalance, Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Genetic disorders, Nutritional deficiency, frequent use of concentrated hair dyes and electric dryers.

It is a known fact that the chemical components in a large number of different commercial hair products are toxic and can dilute your hair, keep it dry, flat and severely damaged.

So if you want to restore the natural shine of hair without any side effect it will be advisable to use natural ingredients.


One combination you can try today is the recipe for coconut and lemon oil. The benefits of coconut oil and lemon in this amazing natural hair dye is as follows;

– Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, lauric acid and antimicrobial properties that help revitalize the scalp and improve hair growth.
-The coconut oil helps to retain the protein in the hair regardless of whether it is damaged or not.
-The potent antioxidants in coconut oil will help to rectify premature gray hair when it is often used.
-Lemon juice is rich in vitamin B and C, as well as phosphorus and these nutrients, help to correct gray hair and also feed it.
This is what you need to prepare the natural dye;


-Lemon juice – 3 teaspoons
-Air Organic Coconut Oil

Preparation and Use

-Get a small bowl and mix a little coconut oil with 3 teaspoons lemon juice.
-Massages the mixture on the scalp and hair.
-After you have finished applying the mixture on the hair, leave it in the hair for about an hour.
– Rinse the mixture of your hair and later use a mild shampoo for the hair.

You can try this once every week. You can also remove dandruff when using coconut oil as a single or in combination with castor oil and warm water.


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