Cinnamon Pineapple Smoothie to Strengthen Knee Ligaments And Tendons

The whole structure of our body depends on the joints, one of them, the knees, that perform a key function. All activities, such as walking, jogging, jumping, standing, and standing, are being performed thanks to your knees.

Even so, over time, the knees may loosen and damage due to some injuries and injuries. The ligaments and tendons can lose their flexibility because they lose their natural lubrication. However, you have to keep your knees strong regardless of your age and other factors. They must always be alert to sudden and rapid movements.

The same goes for your tendons and ligaments because the support of the whole body depends on its flexibility and strength. If you want to keep them strong and flexible, you can use this supernatural recipe. Consuming this smoothie will help you restore the natural lubrication of your knees and strengthen your structure. In the end, it will provide a better lifestyle for you.

This shake consists of three powerful ingredients: pineapple, cinnamon, and oats. This shake contains a large amount of vitamin C, magnesium, silicon and bromelain. These compounds are known for their anti-inflammatory effects and their strong ability to reduce pain.

Drink to strengthen ligaments and tendons


• 1 cup instant oatmeal

• 40 grams of honey

• 7 grams of cinnamon

• 40 grams of almond crushed

• 2 cup fresh orange juice

• 250 milliliters of water

• 2 cups of chopped pineapple

A method of preparation and consumption:

You should start by cooking the oats. Then add two cups of fresh orange juice. After that, you should add honey, almonds, pineapple into chunks, and cinnamon to the mixture and pour into the blender to process until smooth.

Before finishing, add the oatmeal and mix again until you get a soft and consistent drink. You can also add a few ice cubes for your smoothie if you wish.

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