Choose The Pen That You Like And Tell You A Great Secret Of Your Personality

If we were all equal, how do you think the world would be? Surely we would be very bored. However, the only thing we all have in common is that we all have different personalities.

And is that each person, as he grows, develops his own personality. Often, it comes molded by the environment in which it grows, the norms of parents, etc.

Psychology has studied this phenomenon for many years. So much so that he has been able to classify personalities into different categories. Hence they are based on the theory of color and the forms to determine the type of personality of each. So, they have made it very easy to prepare a simple test that can help you get to know you better.

It is about an image with five pens, from which you must choose one of them as your favorite. After you have selected one, you can go down to see what your choice means and what your personality is. Then we’ll leave you the picture to choose your favorite pen.

Pen # 1

You are a very peaceful and harmonious person who likes tranquility a lot. You like to help others and it is very difficult to deny yourself when someone needs your help. You can easily relate to others, but you prefer to do it with those who have the same tastes and interests. Some may consider you weak, but the truth is that you are gentle and kind. These two qualities make many want to approach you and be your friends. Are we right in your personality? Share this article in YOUR social network.

Pen # 2

You are a very adaptable person and you learn with great ease. Your personality is the perfectionist type and you always try to give the best of yourself. However, you are not only demanding with yourself, but you are also demanding with others. You are very skillful and very tenacious.

Usually, you enjoy having a good time with your friends. However, you prefer to be alone to concentrate better and meditate. At times, you may totally isolate yourself from these activities. This is not bad, just make it clear to your friends that they are not the culprits, but you can hurt them. Are we right in your personality? Share this article in YOUR social network.

Pen # 3

Your personality is characterized by independence, you are adventurous and you follow your goals. You are not afraid of failure, if you fall, you simply rise and see your fall as an experience from which to learn. In addition, you have great gifts to be a good leader. You only have to be careful with the friendships that you choose. Are we right in your personality? Share this article in YOUR social network.

Pen # 4

You are a person with a very strong character, who is noticed wherever you are. You have a great imagination and you are looking for the best solution to problems. Sometimes, some may prefer to keep some distance with you, because they think you’re a boss. However, after knowing you realize that is not so.

You are very difficult to deceive and your logical reasoning is extremely advanced and mature. You are also the type of people who seek perfection in everything. However, you must remember that it does not exist, so it would do you good to start enjoying the mistakes. Are we right in your personality? Share this article in YOUR social network.

Pen # 5

You have the talent of an artist and you have a great imagination and creativity. However, many times you doubt your skills, which keeps you stuck. Fear of failure keeps you in check, which keeps you from growing. In addition, they have a great sensitivity to detail and you are a perfectionist, both with yourself and with others. If you want to grow, you must overcome your fears, you are someone very intelligent you can! Are we right in your personality? Share this article in YOUR social network.

In this simple way you could know yourself a little better, what are the personality traits that characterize you. What pen did you choose? What personality do you have? Let us know by your comments. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks with all your contacts.


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