Why Do My Cervicals Hurt? Causes And Natural Remedies

Many people usually suffer from severe discomfort or pain in the neck that makes it impossible for them to follow their routine in the normal way.

They can also cause headaches or dizziness, as well as difficulties in being in the same posture.

In this article we review the 6 most frequent causes of these pains, some surprising and unknown, as well as the natural solutions that will help us to end this problem without taking medication.

1. Relationship with the heart

Every part of the body is the reflection of some organ, so any discomfort or pain always indicates some function that we should improve.

In this sense, the body demonstrates the amazing intelligence to help us take care of it the right way.

In the case of the cervical, the organ that could be affected is the heart, especially if we suffer the pain in the last hours of the day.

In addition to taking into account our family and personal history, we must make regular reviews.

We can also take supplements based on magnesium, hawthorn, and olive.

2. Excess of responsibility

At the emotional level there is always a relationship that we must keep in mind, since negative emotions can damage our organism subtly and progressively.

Anyone who is suffering from chronic neck pain is likely to feel an excess of responsibility, a burden that is bearing down on the shoulders with anguish and stress.

It may be related to work, family or personal issues.

To help us in this psychological plane we can resort to a therapist specialized in homeopathy or Bach flowers.

It can prescribe 100% natural remedies, without any risk of dependence or other side effects. You can take up to 7 flowers at a time.

Some of the most common for these cases are:

• Elm (Elm).
• Oak.
• Olive (Olive).
• Century.

3. Reflection of the uterus in women

If the pain is centered in the sixth cervical vertebra and, in addition, it appears swollen, in the case of the women would refer to the uterus.

This localized inflammation may be common, especially in the stages of climacteric and menopause.

To treat this pain we can take natural supplements that help us balance the hormones without altering any other function of the organism:

· Sage.
• Evening Primrose.
• Sauzgatillo.
• Wormwood.
• Garlic.
You can also apply a suction cup ( a technique known as cupping) just above the sixth cervical vertebra for about ten minutes, once a week.

For this, we recommend consulting a professional.

4. Lack of hydration

Drinking water during the day, from 1 to 2 liters, is a recommendation that we have heard many times.

What we most likely do not know are the consequences of not following this advice and letting our body dehydrate each day, drinking water when we already feel thirsty.

One of the negative health effects can be muscle contractures, especially in the upper back.

To take the necessary amount of water and recommended, we must start with a glass in an empty stomach, a while before having breakfast.

For water to have a medicinal effect it is advisable to always drink it outside of the meals.

5. Poor posture in front of the computer

How many hours do we spend each day sitting at the computer or television? Our body is not prepared for a sedentary lifestyle, but rather for a continued movement.

When we are sitting for a long time, hanging from a screen, we usually exert pressure on the neck area that has pain in the entire cervical area.

To avoid this, it is advisable to get up every half hour, do stretching and play sports, at least twice a week.

6. Cervical Injuries

In some cases, cervical pain may be caused by an injury.

In these cases we should go to a specialist who diagnoses our case and, from there, assess which professionals can help us, such as physiotherapists or osteopaths.

If we have to resort to some treatment to relieve the pain, we recommend trying the curcumin-based supplements, coming from turmeric.

It is a natural remedy that has a high anti-inflammatory and analgesic power and does not carry negative side effects for our health.

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