Carefully monitor these 11 symptoms: they are key to the care of women’s health

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that occurs in the world. To preserve women’s health, it is worth paying a little attention to learn their symptoms, since at first glance they seem to be insignificant changes. collected for you the symptoms that you should notice and brought together a series of simple and effective recommendations to pay attention to your health throughout life.

1. Bulks and dense areas


If you have felt any lumps in the chest, armpits or collarbone, it is worth making an appointment with the doctor: even a small dense area may turn out to be a symptom of illness.
Often, we go to the doctor only when suffering from a sensation of pain, but, very often, the dense area does not cause discomfort. It can be both hard and soft and almost imperceptible.

2. Red Spots

A symptom of the disease that is often found involves a small redness that grows and occupies more and more space. Therefore, you should pay attention to any stain, even the size of a coin, if it did not exist before.
If you examine your breasts once a month, any changes will be noticeable. That will allow you to take care of your health on time and not wait for it to “go by itself”

3. “Orange skin”

If the skin of the breast becomes more rigid, dense, wrinkled or with an “orange peel” effect, it is better not to blame a bad cream or a bra rubbing against the skin.
On rare occasions attention is paid to visual changes in the skin. Therefore, this is also one of the most overlooked symptoms. With only 5 minutes in front of the mirror, you can watch that everything is in order.

4. Changes in skin color

On the skin may also appear spots of another color (beige or brown) and even rashes and itching. Not always those spots respond to traces of sunburn, the itching and rashes are not always the consequence of “those days”, nor allergies to certain cosmetics or food.
Therefore, it is best to consult a professional to find out their cause in complete safety. Several tests will give you enough information to make your skin healthy and radiant every day

5. Cracks in the center of the chest

The appearance of cracks or irritated areas in the center of the chest, similar to an eczema, are symptoms of Paget’s disease. It is a strange condition and it is easy to confuse it with a skin irritation.
However, cracks may appear due to mechanical irritation. It will always be better to go to a specialist without delay.

6. Pain

You can feel pain when you press your chest with your hand. The discomfort experienced by all women monthly does not count, it is normal. But if you feel a pulse inside the chest, you have the sensation that the ribs oppress or your back hurts as if it were expanding something inside, this may indicate that a tumor could be developing.
Back pain can occur for various reasons, so this symptom is often ignored. A small monthly examination will solve the problem of understanding the signals of our body.

7. Swelling of the breast

When there is a tumor, a breast can become heavier. You will immediately notice that difference when putting on your underwear: one breast will be bigger than the other. It will look and feel differently inside the bra, as if it were small in one part.
It is likely that its shape becomes more elongated and unnatural. If a breast has increased in size in just a few weeks, it’s worth it to control it.

8. Asymmetrical breast

The center of the affected breast can become “sunken” or move in comparison with its healthy counterpart. The difference between the two will be appreciated: different placement, different forms.

9. Secretion

An alarming symptom: the secretion. This paragraph does not apply to mothers who are breastfeeding. For the rest, it is a bad sign if the discharge becomes red, yellow or brown: this indicates the presence of internal inflammation. Take care of yourself and in this case do not hesitate to consult a specialist.
10. Increasing lymph nodes
They can increase the lymph nodes in the armpits or in the clavicles. You can feel it by feeling, when you apply an antiperspirant or by putting your clothes on.
Do not justify everything in a cold or the cold of the moment, relying on a strong immune system.

11. Veins visible in the breasts

When there is a tumor, the veins may become more visible. This indicates that blood circulation increases. The visibility of the veins can respond to problems with the blood circulation system.

How to examine yourself


To examine the chest, you must stand in front of a mirror with straight shoulders and arms stretched along the body.

  • Carefully inspect the chest. What we are looking for: changes in the shape and size of the breasts, another color of the skin.
  • Lift your arms up and again more carefully examine everything.
  • Lie on a flat surface.
  • With the tips of the fingers of the right hand, feel the left breast and vice versa. The movements can be circular to the center of the chest, from top to bottom. What we are looking for: lumps and greasings. It is better to feel everything: from the armpits to the center of the chest and from the clavicles to the upper part of the abdomen.
  • Feel the chest, but already standing.

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