Can An Apple A Day Protect Us From Obesity?

An apple a day. We have all been recommended it once, few things are so healthy and so indicated in our diet. But can an apple avoid the dreaded obesity? What’s more, what kind of apple? We explain it to you below.


Apples, faithful protectors of our general health

There are many reasons why it is advisable to include in our food pyramid, that indispensable apple a day, whatever the variety. You know, this tempting fruit can do many things for our health:

  • It hydrates us, it is diuretic, it avoids the retention of liquids.
  • Reduces blood pressure due to its high content of potassium.
  • They have nourished treasures of antioxidants.
  • It has fiber, especially if we eat raw and skin.
  • Its pectin protects our intestines.
  • The apple – and its skin – helps us prevent some cancers like colon cancer.
  • It’s phytochemical elements protect us against diabetes and reduce cholesterol.

As we can see, nutritionists recommend us mainly to consume it with skin, since that is where the pectin and most of its indispensable phytochemicals are found. But now, we see that apples are suitable for many types of aspects, how can you help us fight obesity and those extra pounds we catch from time to time?

The Granny Smith apple and its benefits to avoid obesity

That’s right, to prevent obesity is not worth any apple, the ideal is called Granny Smith, those tasty green apples with a slight acid taste that so well combines with many foods. The study to arrive at this conclusion has realized a group of scientists of the State University of Washington. Their intention was to find out in concrete which variety was the most adequate to prevent those pounds that often are installed in our body.

So what are the real benefits of the Granny Smith versus the others? What is your secret? The experts have left us the information published in the magazine “Food Chemistry”, and these are the following data to take into account:

  • Granny Smith apple has a type of nondigestible compounds that allow us to prevent the disorders associated with obesity. It is the richest variety in this type of substances such as polyphenols, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates.
  • This type of apple also promotes a great growth of the so-called good bacteria, those that help us protect the colon fighting against all kinds of toxins, and also helping to eliminate fat.
  • Granny Smith, is more medicinal and healthy even than Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious or Braeburn. They are the richest in polyphenols and in general, in these nondigestible compounds that help control the level of fat and therefore, obesity.
  • The index of good bacteria that we have in the colon will also allow us to lose weight, hence this type of apple is a real impeller of good bacteria, those so healthy to restore our metabolic balance.
  • The inflammations disappear, we feel satiated, and we thus avoid gaining weight. A natural wonder within reach of us all.

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