Birch Water For Weight Loss

birch juice and a glass

The birch is a very robust tree, related to the alder and the hazel, which lives in countries with a temperate climate. It also thrives in the Nordic regions, because it resists the cold better than almost any other tree.

The birch is recognized by its shiny bark that can be easily detached in thin sheets. Since remote times wood has been applied to various uses. Birch was the rod of the Roman lictors, who preceded the magistrates in court hearings.

Nowadays wood is used in carpentry and also to manufacture furniture and agricultural implements; Because it is hard, fine-grained and polished, it is sometimes used as an imitation of mahogany.

The birch water Where does it come from?

The birch water is not a novel product, it is ancestral. In fact, it has been taken for centuries in northern Europe, Scandinavia, as well as in Eastern Europe and Russia, and also in several areas of northern China. Currently it is very common to consume it due to its detox effect and slimming benefits.

Water is obtained directly from the sap of this tree, which absorbs macronutrients from the earth such as minerals, potassium and antioxidants.

It offers, meanwhile, through its branches, a substance called methyl salicylate, to which medical and domestic uses have been attributed.

This is demonstrated by Javier Catalán, professor and researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), in a study that exposes several scientific pieces of evidence of its benefits, published in the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Therefore, it is said to be an absolutely natural filter.

Benefits of birch water

Stresses its diuretic, antioxidant, analgesic, febrifuge and hypoglycemic quality. It has different effects:

* Internal. Eliminates toxins, such as those lodged in the urinary system; promotes and increases the production of urine; it diminishes the generalized pain by febrile pictures and rheumatic states; it helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood; and relieve kidney disorders.

* External. Its use is common for washing of infected wounds and itchy skin. It also acts as a preventive method in hair loss.


Extraction process

It is as simple as placing a kind of catheter on the trunk of some variety of the birch tree, both the silver and the sweet American.

It is only necessary to incorporate a container in the tip of the extractor tube and wait for the expulsion of the sap, until collecting the quantity that is desired.

How to use it to lose weight

Many places already sell birch water, much like coconut water. If he acquires it, once he has been processed, one glass is taken in a fast and another in the afternoon.

If you can not get the birch water, but want to benefit from the slimming properties and find botanical leaves, you can boil for 10 minutes in a liter of water 5 tablespoons of dried birch leaves. Take throughout the day.



Despite its many health benefits, some cases are considered in which it is better to avoid taking birch water. Especially the edema due to cardiac dysfunction and renal failure.

In other situations, it is advisable not to use too much concentrate, and the cause is its high content of salicylates. Among them are patients with active bleeding, or who receive treatments with hemostats or anticoagulants.

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