Benefits of Sleeping Naked You Probably Didn’t Know!

Sleeping the right amount of hours is very important for our well-being. An absence of sleep can cause heart problems, diabetes, and in some cases the onset of cancer.
But not just the number of hours, but also the quality of sleep. To be sure to rest properly, many prefer to sleep naked. And here are five reasons why it is a winning choice for health.

1. Body temperature is adjusted

While we sleep the body temperature drops automatically. Wearing heavy pajamas disturbs this natural function of our body. Which can cause sleep disturbances? Barefoot sleep ensures that the temperature does not rise too much.

2. Sleep hormones are released

A balanced melatonin level ensures a good sleep. This hormone is naturally regulated if you are barefoot. Light and room temperature play an equally important role. Ideally, in the bedroom, you should not exceed 21 ° C.

3. Stress hormones are regulated

Cortisol, also known as “stress hormone”, plays an essential role in our metabolism. If you accumulate heat under the blankets, cortisol production increases. And high levels of this hormone bring more appetite, hence, consequently over the long run, to a gain in weight. Stress and tension levels also grow.

4. Increases your sense of well-being

Sleeping without pajamas facilitates blood circulation. In this way, you will feel fitter and you will sleep even better. Those suffering from sleep disorders should absolutely try to sleep naked.

5. Strengthen the report

Even the couple relationship can benefit from the choice of bare sleep. Indeed, in this case, oxytocin, the hormone of love, is released, which not only brings happiness but also positive effects on sleep. In addition to strengthening the bond with the partner.

If you are among those who are already naked, I’m sure you will have recognized one or more of the benefits that we have listed. If, however, you never did, you should try to keep your pajamas in the drawer for a few nights. You will see, your body will thank you!

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