The Benefits of Milk And Coconut Water

Milk and coconut water are two rich drinks full of nutrients that we can enjoy at any time of the year, even if we do not live in Polynesia or the Caribbean (where it is grown in abundance).

In this article we tell you what the benefits of both are and why you should consume them.


The wonders of coconut
The fruit of the coconut tree (tree belonging to the family of palm trees) is covered by a hard shell and a fleshy layer on the inside.

A single coconut can give up to 180 coconuts in a year (the fruits need 12 months to mature).

It is very important to know the difference between milk and coconut water.

  • The first is done by the grating and soaking the flesh of the fruit in hot water. Then it goes through a muslin. The resulting liquid is milk and the remaining pulp is used for desserts.
  • For its part, coconut water is found inside the fruit when it is not ripe (when it is green). As it becomes brown the interior becomes pulp.

Benefits of Coconut Milk


It is a vegetable-based beverage that can replace dairy products in people who are lactose intolerant or who carry a vegan diet.

It has healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals and almost contains no sugar.

The most outstanding benefits of coconut milk are:

1. Avoid anemia
A glass (200 ml) of coconut milk provides the fourth part of the iron we need daily.

It is recommended for anemic patients whose body can not form enough hemoglobin to maintain normal oxygen levels in the blood.

2. Reduces cramps

Coconut milk is rich in magnesium and therefore it treats cramps and muscle pains.

It is ideal for athletes or people who perform some activity where muscle contraction is excessive.
This drink blocks calcium overstimulation (responsible for nerve cells to activate and cause cramps).

3. Lose weight
This is because, on the one hand, contains a good dose of fiber that can serve to prevent constipation. On the other hand, coconut milk has fewer calories and sugar than cow’s milk.

4. Lower blood pressure

The manager of this property is potassium. It is advised that those who suffer from hypertension consume one cup of coconut milk a day.

5. Strengthens the immune system
If you have become sick more than usual lately it may be because your defenses are not in normal levels.

To reverse the situation you can drink coconut milk at breakfast that will keep your immune system healthy thanks to the contribution of vitamin C.

6. Strengthens bones

Although coconut milk does not have the same amount of calcium as cow’s milk, it does provide phosphorus. This nutrient is essential for strengthening bone health.

It is recommended that both children and the elderly enjoy this drink to aid in development and avoid fractures or decalcification, respectively.

Benefits of coconut water
This 94% water-based drink is really refreshing and ideal for summer. It has potassium, manganese, magnesium and many more nutrients.

The main benefits of coconut water are:

1. It is moisturizing

When it is hot, if we do sports or do not usually consume water because we are “bored”, coconut water can be an excellent choice to hydrate.

The good news is that, in addition, it contributes electrolytes and many minerals, reason why it avoids the typical dehydration of the summer.

2. It is antioxidant
Coconut water has the ability to reduce damage caused by free radicals. These reactive molecules cause oxidative stress and can be a risk factor in several diseases.

While the body has the ability to cope with them, an extra dose of antioxidants never hurts.

3. It is digestive

It protects the digestive system and avoids many of the typical stomach and intestinal disorders that we suffer today. For example, it serves to treat and relieve indigestion, diarrhea, parasites or constipation.

4. It is diuretic
Fluid retention (or edema) can be caused by different reasons: sedentarism, excessive salt intake, unbalanced diets, etc.

Coconut water gives us potassium, a mineral that reduces sodium levels in the body. Thanks to this nutrient we can eliminate the toxins through the urine.

5. Avoid the formation of kidney stones

When the remains of minerals crystallize in the kidneys appear what are known as “calculations”.

A good way to avoid training is by drinking coconut water. This drink facilitates the expulsion of the stones through the urine.

6. Delay aging
Coconut water has an anti-aging effect that we can not leave out.

This is because it brings a good dose of cytokinins. These plant compounds are related to the slowing down of the aging process in cells.

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