Benefits of Lemonade with Chia and How to Take It, Lose Weight

Surely you know the incredible benefits that seeds of chia and lemon have for the health of our organism. But have you ever wondered what effects the combination of both ingredients would have?

Lemonade with chia is a refreshing drink that provides energy to help you lose weight. Helps quench the stomach quickly, because its seeds sponge causing that sensation inside the body.

If you are curious about it continue reading because in this article we will teach you to prepare an incredible remedy made with chia and lemon that will help you to lose weight quickly.

This drink is one of the largest natural sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and also ends up with bad fats.

It also has a high concentration of antioxidants that facilitate recovery after training and maintains adequate levels of sugar in the blood. It has up to five times more absorbable calcium than milk and contains highly soluble and insoluble fiber.

Natural Remedy for Chia and Lemon to Lose Weight
This remedy, besides helping you to burn accumulated fat and reduce inches of waistline, will allow you to incorporate all the benefits that both ingredients have for health.

Lemon juice with chia

The good thing about this preparation is that it is very economical, its ingredients are easily obtained and have no side effects like the treatments offered in the market to lose weight.

Take note, get the ingredients and easily prepare this amazing remedy. After a week you will be surprised at the results you have achieved.


-The juice 2 medium lemons
-2 tablespoons chia seeds


– First, you must squeeze the juice of two lemons, preferably organic, and place it in a glass
– Once you have squeezed the juice add two tablespoons of chia seeds and let stand for a few minutes for the seeds to hydrate
– Drink every morning on an empty stomach for a week. Rest for a week. Then drink again for a week and so on.

Benefits of combining chia and lemon for health

– It gives us a lot of calcium (five times more than cow’s milk)
– It gives us vitamin C to prevent diseases of the respiratory tract and to strengthen the immune system
– It brings us a lot of protein (even three times more than spinach)
– The alkalizing effect of lemon removes free radicals that cause cancer
– Its great contribution of fibers helps us to eliminate toxins and favors the functioning of the digestive system
– It helps to improve the appearance of the skin and keep it elastic and firm.


Keep in mind that although this remedy is very powerful for weight loss, this does not mean that it is miraculous. In this sense, if you want this remedy to really affect your accumulated fat, you must accompany it with a nutritious diet composed of fruits and vegetables, with regular physical exercises and drinking at least two liters of water per day. Following these instructions will lose weight quickly.

If you are looking for weight loss try this remedy based on chia and lemon. Do not forget to share the secret with your family and friends.

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