Benefits of Flax Oil for Skin

To have a healthy, nourished and hydrated skin we can make use of the products that nature offers us. Today we want to show you the benefits of skin flax oil, vegetable origin and composed of omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that is very useful for our good health.

What is Flax Oil?
Flax oil, also known as linseed oil, is extracted from flax seed or flaxseed meal by a cold extraction process. This is what will ensure that the oil does not lose any of its properties and vitamins.

Benefits of Flax Oil
Flax oil has a high content of essential fatty acids and is, therefore, a good option to combat acne because it promotes the removal of sebum that clogs the pores. But it also fights skin blemishes and sunburn. Flax seed is known to have a high anti-inflammatory index thanks to these fatty acids. This means that skin irritation, redness and tissue inflammation can be minimized by using flax oil. It is as simple as applying it directly on our skin, allowing it to be absorbed naturally.

Effective to heal wounds
Flax oil is one of the most effective for healing burns and healing wounds on our skin, because it favors a rapid regeneration of tissues.

Beneficial to the skin
The essential fatty acids it contains, such as Omega-3, provide us with a hydrated and smooth skin, fighting off the appearance and acting to reduce fine wrinkles. By enhancing the maintenance of a moisturized skin, the linen oil will also be helping the skin not to dry out and present an opaque appearance.

By not having a texture too fat, flax oil can be applied on all types of skins. And being very nutritious, it is ideal for the skin. It also contains mucilages and pectins that help soften the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lighten stains and eliminate toxins. The high content of this oil in antibacterial components such as acetic, malic, ferulic, lutein and cysteine, makes it a perfect ally to repair and protect our skin from premature aging.

Cash for massages
By its properties and its texture can be used for body massages, being able to enhance its benefits by mixing the flax oil with some drops of other essential oils such as lavender that will bring relaxation, lemon with its purifying power or mint with its refreshing effect.

You can use a proportion of 10 drops of the essential oil you like most every 50 ml of flax oil, slightly heating the oil before proceeding to give the body massage. These as you will see are some of the many properties of flax oil to improve from the physical aspect to treating more serious health problems.

To expand the information you can know the best oils for the skin, between essential oils or organic oils, which will give you equal or better results than flax oil.

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