Accelerate The Growth Of Your Hair With This Treatment Of Aloe Vera And Argan Oil

In the quest to keep hair abundant, strong and shiny, many women continually spend large sums of money on treatments and hair products.

The industry has been responsible for developing a wide variety of formulas that, by their components, help to keep it healthy, hydrated and free of problems such as falling.

The problem is that not all of them have enough resources to acquire them and, in fact, some have negative reactions to the chemicals they contain.

Because of this, many have dusted off the grandmother’s old natural recipes that, although they were forgotten for some time, still represent a great alternative for hair care.

Among these we find a preparation of aloe vera and argan oil, recognized for its ability to repair fibers, correct the brittle tips and promote healthy growth.

In the next space we tell you what their properties are and how to prepare it at home to make the most of it.

Do not stop trying!


Treatment of aloe vera and argan oil for hair growth

Both the aloe vera plant and the argan oil are known in the cosmetics industry for their innumerable benefits for hair health.

Both are rich in moisturizing, antioxidant and revitalizing compounds that help correct problems that affect hair aesthetics.

Its combination in a single treatment helps reduce dryness in the scalp, excessive hair loss and growth difficulties.

In addition, they are perfect for replacing commercial conditioners, since they untangle the hair without causing aggressions or unwanted reactions.

Benefits of aloe vera

The crystals contained in the aloe vera plant are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that provide multiple benefits to the hair.

Its natural extracts have been used for decades as ingredients for shampoos, combs and other hair beauty items.

However, many prefer to use it in its natural state, since it is the best way to fully enjoy its properties.

It has high amounts of vitamins A, C and B complex, all necessary for a fast and healthy growth.

It also provides vitamin E, whose antioxidant effects reverse the negative effects of free radicals, related to excessive fall.

Provides more than 20 essential minerals, necessary to strengthen and hydrate the hair follicles, and decreases the weakening of hair fibers.

To make matters worse, its high water content helps regulate the pH of the scalp, controlling the excessive production of sebum.

Benefits of argan oil

The prodigious argan oil is one of the secrets of hair beauty that continues to be a natural method to keep the mane shiny and healthy.

It is one of the most recommended oils for excess dryness and fall, as it contains essential fatty acids that regulate the natural production of oils while strengthening the hair follicles.

Some call it “liquid gold”, not only because it counteracts the damage that the hair undergoes in the environment, but because it provides nutrients such as vitamin E and omega 3 to promote its growth.

Its regular application keeps the hair silky, abundant and free of that uncomfortable frizz that prevents to show perfect hairstyles.

How to prepare this treatment of aloe vera and argan oil?

The preparation of this hair treatment is quite simple and can be done once or twice a week to provide all the benefits to the hair.

Both ingredients can be purchased in natural food stores or natural cosmetics.


  • 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel (60 g)
  • argan oil (30 g)


  • Put the two ingredients in the glass of the blender and beat them until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Extend the preparation, on wet or dry hair, and make sure to distribute it from the roots to the tips.
  • Perform gentle massages on the scalp so that the compounds absorb well.
  • Cover it with a hat and let it act for 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of warm water and, if you like, use your regular shampoo.

From the first application, you can feel a softer, untangled and shiny mane. In addition, using it in a habitual way you will be able to notice that it is a great help so that it grows faster.

Incorporate it into your beauty routine and check for yourself all its benefits.

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