A Dermatologist Told Me This Recipe and I Never Again Became PEDICURE. My Feet Never Looked So Good.

Within the care and attention we dedicate to our body, we must recognize that the feet do not occupy the first place and suddenly we notice that they look completely unsightly with cracks in the heels that take a whitish color and often generate pain.

For the hot days and the use of open shoes that will make your heels visible, today we bring you a home treatment that will help you hydrate the skin of your feet while eliminating that annoying and unpleasant hardness returning to your Feet the soft and delicate appearance they deserve.

This treatment can be done in the comfort of your home and will represent practically no cost, so that today you can start to beautify your feet and compensate them for the pressure and effort they are subjected to daily.


-3 cups milk
-5 tablespoons of oats
-5 tablespoons coconut oil
-Sodium bicarbonate

How to prepare it

-Cantill the milk enough to support the heat by immersing your feet in it. Add the oats and coconut oil and mix well.

-Put your feet into this preparation. Add some baking soda and rub your feet with a brush or vegetable sponge. Leave the feet submerged for 10 minutes and dry well.

-Remove dry skin with a lime and at the end, moisturize your feet with a moisturizer.

Perform this treatment preferably at night so that your feet rest after the exfoliation. Milk has wonderful benefits for the skin: hydrates, softens, removes impurities, relieves irritations and clarifies.

Here’s a list of benefits you can get from milk to improve the quality of your skin.

-Hydrates dry skin. Milk is a moisturizer with proteins and vitamins that moisturize the skin and give back the smoothness and softness that are lost with age and the external factors that weaken it. It is ideal for dry and cracked skin.

“Bleach the skin.” The milk regenerates the pigments of the skin and rejuvenates the cells helping to cover it and give it its uniform color.

-Repairs aged skin. It helps to reduce wrinkles thanks to its enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals and in fact, it was attributed to Cleopatra to possess an enviable skin thanks to its baths in ass milk.

-Calm the sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin as well as quickly suffer the consequences of exposure to sun or cold, should also pay special attention to the creams they use on the skin as it is likely that those of low quality also cause irritations and reactions Allergic reactions.

It calms the burning by sunburns. For these cases it is preferable to use skim milk so that the milk’s own fat does not insulate the refreshing and restorative effect on the skin after having suffered sunburn.

Apply cold milk compresses with a cloth over damaged skin and relieve the burning and inflammation thanks to its anti-inflammatory and skin repairing powers.

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