9 Important Natural Remedies That Should Be Taught From Young People At School

Grandma always had a natural remedy for any illness we had. It does not matter if it was flu, cough, hiccup, fever or some strange disease. She simply mixed certain ingredients and had the remedy for our evil.

Many times, science fails to explain how they worked, but the fact was that they worked. Besides that, they did not put our health at risk, because they were natural.

Today medical science has made great strides and has made great discoveries. However, they are still behind our grandmother, when it comes to health. In an inexplicable way, their natural inventions are always more effective. Therefore, we will leave you 9 natural remedies of our grandmother that every person should know.

Eliminate bad breath

Aside from washing our teeth 3 times a day, we can also resort to sugar-free yogurt. This product has healthy bacteria that eliminate the bad odor of the mouth. So, if you have this problem, consume some unsweetened natural yogurt and that’s it.

Sore throat

More than one has suffered from inflammation and great pain in the throat. To combat it, just a little water with sea salt. This reduces inflammation and helps us eliminate bacteria. Simply dissolve ½ tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water. With this substance, we will gargle.


Some people are sick of traveling by car or bus. If you are one of those, take olive or lemons with you for the trip. If you start to get dizzy, eat the olives or suck half the lemon. That will stop the symptoms.


Vitamin E is essential in moisturizing the skin and eliminating the symptoms of eczema or irritation in the skin. Olive oil is rich in this vitamin so, when applied on the skin, we will combat these diseases. We can do it after the bath, when the skin is still wet.

Stop hiccups

To stop hiccups, many turns to scares, drink water upside down or hold their breath. However, there is a much simpler method: consume 1 tablespoon of sugar. Its sweet taste will activate the taste receptors and nerves of the tongue, which will stop the hiccups.

Moisturize dry hair

The ripe banana is one of the most practical solutions to combat the extreme resected in the hair. This has properties that improve its texture and prevents open ends. To achieve this effect, we should only hurt it well and apply the paste to the hair. We must go from the roots to the tips of hair. After an hour of having been applied, we will rinse the hair with abundant warm water.

Rinse elbows and knees

Generally, these areas tend to darken due to the accumulation of dead cells. To clarify them, simply exfoliate them with half a lemon 3 times a day. We should only rub half of a lemon on these areas for about 15 minutes. Exhausted this time, we will apply a little petroleum jelly to moisturize and remain without rinsing the area. We must do this at night and we will leave it all night. The next day, we will rinse the area and try not expose them to the sun.

Skin Scrub
After brewing coffee, you can use the leftovers of this to mix them with a little olive oil and your favorite face cream. With that we will create a very powerful natural scrub that will cleanse our skin without damaging it. If you wish, you can also mix it with coconut oil and use it as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Reduce abdomen

For this, simply mix 2 liters of water, a slice of cucumber, ginger powder, and lemon with minced peel sliced and 12 mint or peppermint leaves. All these ingredients we will mix and let them rest all night. The next day we will take the substance and repeat the process for 1 week. Exhausted that time, you will notice the results in your abdomen.

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