8 Myths About Metabolism You Must Stop Believing

There are countless myths that revolve around metabolism and its possible functioning.

However, the truth is that, in most cases, they are just that: myths that have little or nothing to do with reality.

These are some of the ones you should stop believing.

Myth 1. I do not lose weight because my metabolism is like this

The truth is that weight loss is not related to whether your metabolism is in one way or another.

Surely more than once you have said or thought that you have a slow metabolism that does not allow you to lose weight, but this would not be the only reason.

  • Probably with some regular exercise and a healthy diet the thing would change because they are the ingredients for anyone to lose weight.

Myth 2. The metabolism becomes slower with age
Another myth that we have all heard is that the metabolism slows down with age.

As we get older, both the intensity of the activities we do and the amount usually decreases noticeably. So things, you have to eat less to prevent the fat from building up in your body.

Hence we think that the metabolism becomes slower, but nothing further from reality.

  • It will suffice to follow proper training to make the metabolic process remain the same, beyond other factors such as age.
  • In turn, it would be sufficient to ingest the same amount of food.

Myth 3. Make five meals a day

Making five meals a day is the most advisable, but it is not mandatory nor does it represent a real drama or disaster for your metabolism in case you do not do it.

  • You can lose weight by eating three meals a day. The key, more than the number of times you eat, is in the type of food you eat. Dishes should be healthy.

Myth 4. Forbidden Carbs at Night

Eating carbohydrates at night will not cause you to end up accumulating more fat in your body.

If you eat carbohydrates, your body does not store them in the form of fat. What happens is that you reserve them in the form of energy so that you arrive without hunger until the following day.

  • Of course, keep in mind that a hamburger with fries is not the same as taking a pasta salad. Opt for healthy alternatives.

Myth 5. Skipping dinner helps to lose weight

It is another of the myths par excellence but skipping dinner does not help to lose weight, in fact it is preferable to do all meals a day, if possible.

And is that thanks to the dinner the body can have the last nutrients of the day and shorten the period of nocturnal fasting.

  • This way you will avoid waking up in the middle of the night wanting to rob the fridge and you will find a balance that will be very healthy.

However, the belief that the caffeine of soft drinks can cause the metabolism to be accelerated so that the soda itself burns with its effect is directly false.

Myth 7. Food supplements that accelerate metabolism

There is a false belief that in order to truly lose weight, dietary supplements that speed up metabolism must be included in the diet.

According to this false myth, they will allow us to lose weight really, but nothing further from the truth.

Losing weight is based on healthy lifestyle habits such as good nutrition and exercise.

The pills that promise to activate the metabolism are other of those deceptive miracle products that the only thing they can do is put your health at risk.

Myth 8. Exercise on very hot days

It is true that when sweating we lose liquid, but, in particular, it is non-greasy water.

So, if you choose to exercise at high temperatures, you are more likely to become dehydrated and feel much more tired.

This will cause you to not have the energy to continue exercising longer and therefore will even prevent you from losing more calories.

Instead, if you choose to exercise at lower temperatures, your body will need to expend more calories to maintain thermoregulation.

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