8 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Mark Your ABS

Having marked abs has become one of the main goals of those who dedicate part of their day to physical training.

Strengthening muscles, removing fat and sculpting this area of the body is the result of constant work, accompanied by multiple efforts and discipline.

And, although most work should focus on the exercises, it is also critical to correct some dietary habits that influence the results.

For example, it is necessary to limit to the maximum the intake of some foods that, by their composition, increase the inflammation and the tendency to accumulate fat.

Next, we want to reveal in detail the 8 main ones so that you try to replace them by healthier options.
1. Frituras

Fried foods are rich in saturated fats that, far from being good, can lead to the development of metabolic disorders.

Your regular intake increases calorie buildup and, in the long run, leads to overweight, diabetes and other health problems.

The problem is even greater when fritters are made from batters, that is, covered with flour or bread.

2. Industrial Sauces

Sauces and dressings of industrial origin are full of saturated fats, calories and added chemicals that prevent weight loss.

Its taste is very addictive and, although it accompanies many dishes well, can lead to problems of anxiety and overweight.

Luckily, there are homemade recipes made with organic ingredients that can serve to complement the dishes without exposing health.
These can be eaten two or three times a week, always in moderate portions.

3. Built-in meats

Although for some people they represent a significant source of protein, meats are very harmful to health.

Behind that freshness and delicious taste is a wide variety of added chemicals that, in the long run, give rise to metabolic difficulties.

Their usual intake is related to weight gain, diabetes and some diseases of the cardiovascular system.
In addition, its high content of fat and sodium causes an imbalance in the inflammatory processes of the body, which leads to fluid retention and abdominal swelling.

4. Cookies

Cookies can be very misleading, especially when they are marked with labels that claim to be “low calorie” or “light”.

While it can not be denied that they serve to control hunger in times of anxiety, their habitual consumption can prevent marking the abdominal area.

This is because they are made with flours, sugars and other high-calorie additives that prevent fat buildup.

5. Bread and cakes

Most bread, biscuits and bakery products are made with refined flours that hinder digestion processes and increase inflammation.

Although they are delicious and represent a quick way to quell hunger, consuming them regularly prevents a flat and toned abdomen.
This is not just because they increase the swelling of the belly. In addition, because of their high-fat content, they increase the tendency to have rolled in the waist and surrounding areas.

6. Sweets and candies

Eating a small amount of sweet can be pleasurable and, in fact, it can give an extra energy to the body.

The problem occurs when there is an addictive effect on the brain that, in addition to leading to overeating, increases the risk of diabetes and metabolic problems.

Most sweets are made with refined sugars that, being high absorption, raise blood sugar levels and tendency to overweight.

7. Salty food

Excessive consumption of salt foods is detrimental to health and body weight.

First, sodium increases the presence of fluids in the tissues of the body and leads to dangerous inflammatory reactions.
In turn, it raises the risk of suffering hypertension and difficulties in the renal level.
As for the abdomen, it prevents it from looking toned and strong, since, in addition to increasing swelling, it increases fat accumulation.
8. Refreshments
All soft drinks, even those labeled “light” or “zero calories,” contain chemicals and artificial sugars that directly affect body weight.

Although many ignore it, these liquids raise blood sugar levels, hinder metabolic activity and increase abdominal fat accumulation.

The problem is even greater when they are carbonated since they cause difficulties at the intestinal level and generate inflammation and gasses.

Did you just identify any of these foods? If so, try to exclude them from your regular diet so they do not interfere with your efforts to mark the abs.

Instead, it increases the consumption of fruits, cereals, and sources of high-quality protein that, after being absorbed, help increase muscle mass.

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