8 Amazing Benefits of Green Apples That Will Surprise You

The green apples explode in our mouth with its unmistakable acidic flavor, with that crunch that tastes to glory and that thanks so much our organism and our health.

We know that all apples are healthy. However, this variety hides small advantages over others. Its antioxidants and, especially, that acid touch, make it perfect for any depurative diet ideal to lose some kilos.

Green apples combine very well with a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast, chopped into a salad or whole, at any time of day, to appease hunger.

If you have not yet convinced yourself and stop this variety that is not as sweet as the others, we offer you 8 reasons to tempt you. So that you begin to include in your diet a green apple a day.


1. Green apples and their high fiber content

No apple juice, no jams. It is best to consume a green apple with its shell. Only then we will take advantage of its great contribution in fiber, ideal to enjoy a healthy intestinal transit.

  • Fiber, far from being a nutrient, is an indispensable mediator for our internal balance and metabolism.
  • In turn, we are faced with a plant component containing polysaccharides and lignin, also vital for the good maintenance of the colon microflora.

2. High mineral content

The green apple is rich in iron. This mineral is essential, for example, to increase the level of oxygen in the blood and to keep controlled the anemia, so common in women.

This delicious fruit contains good amounts of zinc, copper, manganese and potassium.
If during the day you feel some moment of fatigue or decay, do not hesitate: give a good bite to a green apple.

3. Do you want to lose weight? Include the green apple in your life

If you want to lose weight with health, start eating two green apples a day. If, in addition, you maintain a varied and balanced diet this fruit can help you:

  • Reduce blood sugar.
  • Feel more satiety.
  • Lower your cholesterol level and the fat attached to your arteries.
  • Make the fat deposits in our abdomen less resistant.

4. Green apples fight premature aging

If you want to enjoy younger and more elastic skin, do not hesitate to benefit from the green apples. Its antioxidants promote cell reconstruction and rejuvenation.

In turn, they optimize the health of the liver. We can not forget that a good balance in our hepatic health repercusses in great part of our general well-being. In that inner well-being you can see from the outside.

5. Prevent diabetes

Green apples are not only suitable to prevent diabetes, but also are highly recommended in case of suffering from this disease.

As we know, in the diets of diabetics most fruits are excluded due to fructose.

  • However, the green apple offers us a type of fiber called pectin that helps us control glycemia.
  • Combining apple with cinnamon, for example, is a perfect way to start the day and to satisfy that need for the sweetness we can have on occasion.

6. Boost our metabolism

Thanks to the minerals that it contains in the green apple, we can start our metabolism. Copper, iron, potassium and manganese favor this beneficial process.

Always remember that skipping breakfast will slow our metabolism. Instead, if you get used to starting the day with a little oatmeal combined with green apple and a cup of white tea, you’ll notice the benefits.

7. Green apple against inflammation

The skin of the green apple contains enzymes that help us protect the so-called T cells. It is a type of lymphocyte that fights inflammation.

In addition, pectin containing the shell provides us with minerals and vitamins very suitable for any infection.

If you suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis, do not hesitate: Eat a whole apple with your skin, give it a good bite!

8. Promotes blood clotting

One way to increase our levels of vitamin K, and consequently to promote healing of our wounds, is with green apples.

Vitamin K acts as an anti-haemorrhagic compound, and it is very common to suffer a deficit of this nutrient when we go through an infectious disease or when we are convalescing a disease.

Also, if you are prone to bleeding gums, remember to increase your consumption of green apples.

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