6 Household Items You Didn’t Realize Had Expiration Dates

Nothing is eternal in this life, much less material things. In some cases the signs are clear and even come in writing.

This is the case with most packaged foods and cosmetics.

However, there are many everyday objects that also have an expiration date, although this is not entirely explicit

Some frequently used items that have an expiration date

Certain types of shoes, pillows, pacifiers and even towels are part of the list of things that are usually used on a daily basis.

Even if they do not come with a specific indication of expiration, they should be changed every certain time periods.

At this point it is very likely that you are wondering if this topic is not part of a sales strategy to buy more often these objects.

However, the expiry date should also be respected in these cases, especially for a health issue.

Here are some details.

1. Pillows
It is more than certain that you do not want to change your old and dear pillow for the world. You had a hard time finding her, and you’re getting along beautifully.

And, even if it is a bit rickety, it still perfectly fulfills the goal that your neck is adjusted as it is due to the time of rest.

The problem is that the pillows also have an expiration date. They last between two and three years.
And, whatever the material they have been made of, as the days go by they become a place where mites reign. From there to allergy there is less of a step.

2. Slippers

There is nothing like getting home after a tiring day, taking off your shoes and putting on those slippers so comfortable and cozy. However, you should not

To become too fond of them.

It is advisable to change this shoe every 6 months. Then you run the risk of it becoming a fungus hatchery.

And, besides the bad smell, maybe you develop some fungal infection.

3. Towels

These cloths, above all that we use to dry our hands, have a shelf life of between one and three years.

However, loss of absorbency or softness are not the only signs that you should discard a towel.
And is that, by staying wet or wet by its constant use, they begin to be the perfect place for all kinds of bacteria to proliferate.
At this point, they will surely start to smell bad and even the continuous washing will not resolve the issue. So do not hesitate and change it when it’s due.

4. Toothbrushes

It is already almost vox populi that this ally of dental hygiene should be replaced every three months, or less. Dentists never tire of repeating it.

But you know the reason? It is not only because the bristles are spent and no longer perform an effective cleaning of your teeth.

In addition, after a long time of use, you run the risk of getting infections – even periodontal diseases – because of the fungi and bacteria that remain in the brush.

5. Latex teats and pacifiers

Hygiene measures should be used with babies. No need to dwell too much on the subject, right?

Therefore, the items that the child is brought to the mouth to suck or take their milk from the bottle have to be changed with assiduity.

If teats and pacifiers are latex, beyond the frequency of use or the appearance they present, they last between 2 and 5 weeks.

And this material tends to crack and in the microcracks that are formed can proliferate the microbes. So much attention.

6. Sports Shoes

The footwear designed for running also has an expiration date beyond which its appearance deteriorates more or less quickly.

And, after about 400 or 500 kilometers, they begin to lose their damping properties.
They also become less elastic and stable. This causes an additional load on the joints. For this reason, it is advisable to change them, usually after one year of use.

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