6 Good Reasons That Will Make You Consume Bananas 7 Days A Week

We love the bananas. Its flavor stimulates, compliments and combines in an exceptional way with an endless array of foods such as honey, cinnamon, oats, walnuts …

They are also the favorite fruit of athletes and, in fact, it is enough just a bite to get a good torrent of energy and nutrients to treat the fatigue or momentary decay.

Now, something we all know is that there is no shortage of people who avoid it or eat it with fear because they think that something as healthy as eating a banana a day can cause us to gain weight.

We have to see these data with objectivity: a banana a day, especially in the morning, does not hurt or make us gain a few pounds.

The key, as always, is in balance and in the awareness that eating right is living well.

Bananas can help you. We give you 6 good reasons that will convince you to consume them 7 days a week.
1. Bananas: the most nutritious fruit

Bananas are incredibly nutritious. Hence, they are the best resource to make our breakfasts, an ideal time to take care of us as we deserve to start the day with maximum energy.

Take note of all those nutrients that are contained in a single banana:

A high amount of fiber and multiple antioxidants
Minerals (potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese)
Vitamins (B6 and C)
Also, it should be remembered that bananas contain a lot of water and very little fat.

2. Bananas regulate blood sugar level

Bananas are rich in a substance called pectin, a soluble fiber that helps us regulate blood sugar levels after meals.

In this way, the appetite is regulated and we also slow down the emptying of the stomach.
For its part, if we choose the less ripe bananas (without becoming completely green) we regulate the glycemic index much better.
This way we avoid the feared sugar peaks that sometimes cause other, sweeter fruits.

However, if we are diabetics it is best to avoid the consumption of mature bananas.

3. A banana a day and improves your digestion

One thing you will undoubtedly like to know is that a medium banana contains two types of fiber: pectin and starch (above).

These two components favor our digestion in a wonderful way.
Starch, for example, “escapes” from our own digestion to go directly to our large intestine, where it becomes food for beneficial intestinal bacteria.

A strong and healthy intestinal flora is synonymous with health: we absorb nutrients better and avoid constipation.
For its part, pectin helps us protect and care for the health of the colon.

4. Yes, bananas also take care of your heart

Potassium is an essential mineral for heart health, especially for regulating and balancing blood pressure.

If we get used to eating a banana a day, we will take care of our potassium levels, an essential mineral to take care of our cardiovascular well-being.

It’s worth bearing in mind!

5. Do you want to lose weight? He then consumes a banana in the morning

Bananas have several characteristics that make them fabulous allies to promote weight loss.

To convince you, we will provide you with the following information:

For starters, bananas contain very few calories.
They are satiating and nutritious. Simply include them in your breakfasts along with some protein, nuts and a coffee or a cup of tea, to discover that you will feel “full” and good energy throughout the morning.
They are also rich in fiber, as we have already explained: take care of your digestive health, avoid constipation …
Also, and as an interesting fact, you will like to know that in diets for purposes of weight loss are often used a lot of green bananas.

Try them for 10 days and see what effect they have on you.

6. If you exercise, always carry a banana in your bag

As we have indicated at the beginning, bananas are the perfect fruit for athletes. The reason? For its content in minerals and carbohydrates of easy digestion.

Also, and this fact is interesting, regular consumption of bananas can help us reduce exercise-related muscle cramps.
In fact, if you are not an athlete but suffer nightly cramps on a regular basis, do not hesitate: include in your dinner a banana (which is not overly ripe) and avoid them.
In addition, bananas provide a high nutritional load “before, during and after” exercise, especially if it is resistance.
Remember to always carry a banana with you when you run out or go to the gym!

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To conclude, we are aware that there are certain foods that do not feel just as good to everyone. Sometimes there are those who do not tolerate bananas, it is true.

However, if you think that eating one each day is too much for you, make sure you include it in your breakfast, at least 3 times a week.

Your health will thank you.


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