5 Tips To Improve Your Posture And Relieve Back Pain

Back pain can occur due to different factors, some of them more complex to cope with.

Among the most prominent, and considered as one of the main, is poor posture.

In general terms, they appear to assume incorrect body positions.

In particular poor posture of the shoulders and back contributes to the appearance of various ailments. Among them are the pains:

• Lumbar
• Cervical
• Neck
• Shoulder

However, poor posture does not come alone, there are unhealthy habits for the body.

This is the case of poorly performed physical effort, sleeping on uncomfortable surfaces and the most relevant: sedentarism.

Sedentary lifestyle and posture

Throughout history, man has evolved his customs, from work to the ways of spending free time.

At present, most activities are done indoor and in the comfort of home. Although it may seem comfortable, this practice has led the human being to become sedentary.

Added to the computers and mobile devices present in the houses, are the university, the institute, and the office.

These places promote the sedentarism, and they bring with them postures inadequate and unnatural for the body.

It is worth remembering that the sedentarism is presented due to the excess of corporal passivity in a position. A clear example of this is the one that is presented in the office days of office.

Recommendations to improve posture and fight back pain

Based on the above, we are going to present a series of recommendations to help us adopt an appropriate position. This will help us fight back pain in a good way.

1. Prioritize comfort

It is complex to throw away the responsibilities of the evening at morning, be it the studies or the office work. However, such obligations should be made in the greatest possible comfort.

To promote a comfortable place it is recommended to look at the environment that is destined to spend the greater part of the day; Taking into account it is necessary to modify it a little, as much as possible.

Thus, to carry out our work in the best way it is recommended:

• Use a comfortable chair.
• Keep your back straight on the surface of it and your legs at right angles: it is the proper posture to work on the computer.
• On the other hand, the height of the screen should be straight with the eyes; So the back will not easily crumble.

2. Use the imagination

Perhaps the subject of posture and the prevention of back pain becomes a bit strict or squared. However, not everything should be that way; It is also possible to have fun, learn and help the body.

An alternative to achieve this is using the imagination.

• To do this simply think of a rope that is attached to the top of the head (can be to the hair).
• When the body begins to decay or bend, we must think of this rope that will help us to stay straight.

3. Wear comfortable clothing

This recommendation is associated with prioritizing comfort. Nonetheless, clothing revolves around a much more personal point than normal.

Wearing loose or comfortable clothing not only favors an adoption of the most appropriate posture: it also contributes to the prevention of pains in the body, including the back.

This recommendation also covers footwear. Between softer and less elevated, much better.

• To follow to the letter the written thing favors the blood circulation since it avoids agglomeration of the same and it improves the oxygenation of the organism in general.

4. Take active breaks

At present many companies have focused on hiring physical health professionals in order to train their employees with regard to sedentarism.

However, this can be done by yourself. To correct the posture and fight the back pain is enough to make active pauses.

• Do stretching, static trotting or walking along the floor where the office is located, serve to achieve the goal. With fifteen minutes or twenty is enough to establish a good active pause.

5. Manage breathing

It can be in the usual way, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Nevertheless, practicing disciplines like yoga or pilates favor the work of posture.

On the other hand, by learning how to handle breathing, oxygen reaches every corner of the body, and also helps us fight back pain.

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