5 Things You Should not Do During Your Period

Grannies said that during your period you should not swim, have sex, approach a chile bush because you die, you should not practice sports or wash your head. These are all hoaxes.

But there are some things you should not do during your period. In the middle of this period of the month, some women are blessed with an easy period, while others are just the opposite. We share some tips that can help you deal with this situation.

Tips During Menstruation

1. Do not alter your pace of life during these days
. Stress is an enemy in menstruation and to avoid it are very effective methods of relaxation. Also, do not avoid exercise that can act as relaxing because of the ability to produce endorphins.

2- The cold is a bad companion .:

Hot or warm baths are best to reduce pain or to apply heat to the part of the abdomen.

3-Do does not take aspirin.

Acetylsalicylic acid has an anticoagulant effect, and this will cause bleeding more abundant than usual. For menstrual cramps, you can use drugs like ibuprofen without abusing them.

4-Avoid junk food.

A healthy and balanced diet will help reduce discomfort, as opposed to fats and sugars. Calcium, fruits, and vegetables are highly recommended in menstruation.

5-No to bad habits.

Carbonated drinks and caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are habits you should avoid to keep away the pain that occurs during these days. It is recommended to drink plenty of water to keep fluid and feel less swollen.

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