4 Unusual Colon Cancer Signs That People Ignore

Different types of colon cancer are the third most common type of cancer in the United States, according to statistics. More than 100,000 people were diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer only last year. Colon cancer cases are very common, but many people ignore it and wait until it is too late to be diagnosed and treated.

This is because of the symptoms that colon cancer shows are very subtle, are difficult to identify and can be easily neglected. To be able to start treating you have to account for the disease in the first two stages of cancer, are 4 stages if you manage to detect it in these two can be guaranteed a successful recovery.

Its main cause is believed to be a poor diet. We will show you the symptoms of this cancer, are as common as bad indigestion, rectal bleeding or feces, abdominal pain, excess gas among others.

In this article, I will present 4 of the most common colon cancer symptoms that are totally ignored, and I will also give you some tips to treat them and be able to prevent the risk of development.
The 4 Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Abdominal pain

One of the most common and most overlooked symptoms of colon cancer is the abs. That’s mainly because they are a symptom of so many other non-cancerous conditions, so if you feel stomach ache, try not to go crazy. However, if you are experiencing intense and lasting stomach pains that do not seem to disappear along with other symptoms of colon cancer, do not discard it as it can be an important indicator.


Another commonly dismissed symptom that is less serious than it can be. Many people experience fatigue because they do not sleep enough, which is very common in modern society.

However, if you begin to feel constant fatigue, even when you sleep enough and eat a balanced diet, then do not ignore it. Cancer cells can cause fatigue as they use energy from the body. Colon cancer can also cause fatigue as it can cause blood loss.

Sudden weight loss

A variety of cancers can cause an immediate and dramatic decrease in weight. So, for example, for someone who weighs 80 kilos, involuntarily losing 10 kilos in six months would generally be described as “unexplained weight loss.”

Cancer cells use a lot of energy from the body, and the immune system works hard to keep the disease from spreading. All this energy expenditure causes a lot of weight loss. It is also possible that a large tumor can block the colon, which can affect bowel movements and cause severe weight loss.

Irregular bowel movements

People never pay enough attention to their bowel movements. The time, consistency, and appearance of these movements may indicate various health problems. You should also pay attention to colon polyps, which are small clusters of cells that can become cancerous over time.

They begin to affect bowel movements and then they turn into tumors. These tumors can affect the way the large intestine works, and will be reflected in the changes found in the stool.

How to Start Preventing Colon Cancer

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco

Say goodbye to alcohol and tobacco, studies show a strong relationship between alcohol and tobacco that goes directly to colon cancer.


Consuming calcium can help us prevent this disease, drinking lots of milk or vitamins with calcium.

Red meat

Studies show that red meat is one of the primary causes of colon cancer. Starting to consume different types of meat could save you.
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