4 Natural Juices For The Treatment Of Cystitis

Cystitis is a disease that affects the female population to a greater degree, being basically a localized inflammation in the urinary bladder due to a bacterium that adheres to this organ, causing discomfort and discomfort in the belly, being especially painful at the time To go to the bathroom
We often notice the presence of cystitis when we begin to feel an imminent urge to urinate, and it may even happen that we have just done so and we continue to feel “such discomfort”. Sometimes it goes with some drops of blood, with fatigue and even with a fever. It will be our doctor who offers us the most convenient treatment, we, for our part we provide simple tips for you to recover, being, for example, the juices a very suitable option to purify your body through fruits and food, which act as anti-inflammatory and Bacterial infections. Do not stop using them when you suffer from cystitis, they will relieve you little by little.

Causes of cystitis
• Bacteria. In many cases, they are bacteria that come from the intestinal flora and that ascend through the urethra towards the bladder, as for example the Escherichia coli, being alone the origin of 80% of cystitis.
• Viruses, fungi or parasites. As for example adenoviruses and polyomas: the cause of a type of cystitis where blood usually appears.
• Holding urine for a long time is a mistake in which we sometimes fall.
• Diabetes
• Liver problems.
• Foreign bodies in the urethra.
• Bladder stones.
• Congenital malformations in the urinary tract.

Recommendations for treating cystitis
In general, cystitis is a disease that can be resolved in two weeks with the appropriate treatment. The highest incidence in women is because the anatomy of the female urinary system has a very close communication between the bladder and rectum, hence the frequency with which we must have this disease, But if we are constant in the medication, if we drink at least 2 liters of water a day, we take a balanced diet and maintain a good intimate hygiene, the problem will be solved in a short time.

Foods suitable for cystitis
• Blueberries and grapes Why? They are undoubtedly the most recommended and beneficial fruits for cystitis, have the power to acidify urine, thus making it difficult for bacteria to appear in the bladder wall.
• Carrot, spinach, parsley and Chinese cabbage. Why? These are foods that contain beta-carotene, ideal for strengthening the body’s immunity and protecting us against infections. They are very beneficial in case of cystitis.
• Melon, gooseberries, papaya and lemon Why? They have in their interior of bioflavonoids which increase the absorption of vitamin C, having also and have an antibacterial effect.
• Cabbage, parsley, paprika, broccoli, orange, and lemons Why? They are a natural source of vitamin C, are protective against infections and protect our immune system. Be sure to include them in your diet.
If you include the juices that we refer to below, you will also find excellent help.

Cranberry juice and grapes

• 1/2 cup blueberries
• 18 grapes without seed
• 1/2 apple
Blend all the ingredients until obtaining a well homogenous mixture. If you see that you are very thick, add half a glass of water. Take it in the morning for ten days.

Orange juice and carrot

• Two oranges
• Two carrots
In the first place, we obtain the juice of the two oranges, later, to liquefy the two carrots. Then we mix the two ingredients and drink it at the moment. You can take it for example before the main meal, is as healthy as nutritious, and ideal for treating cystitis.

Strawberry and orange juice


• An orange
• 6 strawberries


Remember to wash the fruit very well. Start by getting the orange juice for later, liquefy the strawberries. We mix everything well until getting a liquid of attractive color, which will be very suitable also to take in your breakfasts.

Blueberry juice, soy, and bananas

• 1 medium and ripe banana
• Half a cup of soy milk
• A handful of blueberries (8 or 9)
• 1 tablespoon of honey (remember that honey is also an excellent antibacterial, ideal for these cases of cystitis)


We will begin peeling the banana and taking it to the blender along with the rest of ingredients. Remember to wash the blueberries well. Mix it all, you’ll see how you get a fairly thick mixture but attractive odor and taste. It is very nutritious and healthy, it will certainly help you to treat those days when you suffer from cystitis. In this case it is advisable to consume at dinner, the banana, for example, containing tryptophan will help you rest.

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