20 Benefits of Magnesium Chloride

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The benefits of magnesium chloride can help treat a large number of conditions, such as depression, migraines, problems in the bones and kidneys among many other evils that can treat. It is suitable for all ages and can be an ideal complement to any healthy diet.

Towards middle age the human being experiences a decrease of energy, fatigue and diseases that diminish our quality of life, this is due to that after the 40 years, the human organism begins to absorb less and less magnesium of its feeding, provoking old age And diseases.

Therefore, Magnesium Chloride must be taken according to age as a food supplement, to ensure that we will have the necessary amount to avoid the evils of old age.

If you did not know, magnesium chloride is a chemical compound, which produces a balance in the minerals in the body, reactivates the vital functions of the organs, accelerates the kidneys so as to avoid accumulation of uric acid.

It works on the decalcification of the membrane of the joints and attacks the calcified sclerosis to avoid infarctions; Purifying the blood vitalizes and oxygenates the brain; It returns and conserves the youth until advanced age.

Benefits of Magnesium Chloride
We have decided to bring you a useful guide on the 20 most important health benefits of this chemical compound known as magnesium, it may be helpful if you are experiencing a weakening of the middle age and include it as a supplement in your daily diet and consume food Containing high concentrations of this chemical compound.

1. Magnesium and blood pressure
Magnesium lowers vascular muscle tension by improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. This is supported by verifiable scientific studies.

People who begin to take magnesium experience almost immediate hypertension control, in fact according to the testimony doctors and specialists are forced to reduce the doses of chemical hypertensives.

2. Magnesium and myocardial infarction
Some scientific studies support the fact that people with acute myocardial infarction have magnesium deficiency. Many cases begin with palpitations and then arrhythmias that end in a heart attack. The same arrhythmia can lead to death, as in the case of athletes.

3. Kidney stones
Adequate magnesium consumption decreases the likelihood of kidney stones, as this compound reduces the risk of calcification in inappropriate places by fighting the accumulation of calcium oxalate which is responsible for 90% of kidney stones.

4. Improve bone quality

Osteoporosis is a scourge that attacks men and women after age 35, and causes bone difficulties and tendencies to fracture easily.

It has been proven that taking magnesium supplements improves osteoporosis problems by as much as 80%, and there is an important relationship between calcium intake and magnesium absorption so you should take into account that if you are taking calcium supplements is a Almost obliged question that you must consume magnesium.

The same can be said about healthy teeth. A study in New Zealand found that caries-resistant teeth had on average twice as much magnesium as other teeth prone to them.

5. Treat Asthma
In this area we will find magnesium as an important ally, chemistry has proved it. In asthmatic patients, a 20% magnesium deficiency has been found. Magnesium helps in the treatment of asthma by being sedative, improving the defenses and helps to decrease the inflammation.

6. Magnesium and chronic fatigue
In chronic fatigue, low levels of magnesium have been found (though not always). Magnesium improves the conversion of food into energy and physical condition, so it is useful in tired people and in athletes.

7. Cure migraines
It helps to cure migraines, especially since the presentation of chloride has a very specific action on fatty liver and accumulation of bile (in migraines there is a bilious state)

8. Improves kidney function
Magnesium chloride helps in the proper functioning of renal function by keeping the urinary tract oxygenated and free of calcium accumulation.

9. Metabolic syndrome or syndrome X

Magnesium can thoroughly treat insulin resistance, which is one of the main causes of essential hypertension. Its role in the management of this pathology is primary to treat the metabolic syndrome.

10. Improves liver function
Especially in alcoholic patients should be consumed magnesium supplements, because the consumption of alcohol decreases the levels of this mineral in the body. In addition, magnesium chloride improves fatty liver, which is present in all alcoholics.

11. Magnesium Chloride Fights Stress
Also, stress, very common in advanced Western societies, is capable of ruining the amount of magnesium in our body by neurohormonal mechanisms. In turn, the magnesium deficit alters the brain’s chemistry, causing us to be more sensitive to suffering. This establishes a vicious circle of harmful consequences.

Magnesium chloride has a calming effect on the nervous system. For this reason is very used to promote good rest. It can also be used to soothe irritated and overexcited nerves. It is especially useful with epileptic seizures, convulsions in pregnant women and other types of more severe disorders, as in the case of alcoholism.

12. Regulate menstruation
Due to its great regulatory capacity of the glands and among them the sexual ones, magnesium has a regulating effect on premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, thus preventing problems in this area.

13. Improves digestion
Magnesium intake regulates the production of stomach acids by controlling the pH of the mucous membranes, thus reducing the symptoms of acidity and heavy digestions, magnesium chloride is undoubtedly a good complement to treat digestive problems.

14. Decreases the risk of diabetes
Increased magnesium intake has been shown to be very important in improving insulin sensitivity, reducing systemic inflammation and thus decreasing the risk of diabetes.

15. Prevention of preterm birth
Because of its tocolytic effects (stopping contractions during labor) it has been shown that it may be an eligible treatment to reduce the incidence of preterm delivery.

16. Improves body PH
This compound markedly improves the acidity in the blood, producing a neutrality effect, which improves the prognosis in diseases and infections.

17. Prevents constipation

Magnesium chloride helps in the hydration of the intestine, providing a moist environment to our feces and preventing constipation, it also collaborates with the activation of peristaltic movements, ensuring the regularity of bowel movements,

18. Normalizes cholesterol levels
The effects of this supplement regulate the amount of known “bad cholesterol” and increase good cholesterol, striving for the balance necessary to enjoy good health.

19. Magnesium and tumors
Scientific studies have shown that there is much less magnesium in cancer cells, increasing consumption of magnesium chloride ensures that our cells will remain healthy, this way can prevent the onset of cancer many times.

20. Improve brain functions
The use and consumption of magnesium has been shown to potentiate brain learning functions in the young as well as to stop the deterioration of these functions during old age.

After reading this marvel of benefits of magnesium chloride on health, we have only to share the information about its consumption as a supplement, although it can also be supplied to the body through foods such as barley, squash, toasted almonds, brown rice, Corn beans, beets and especially a halibut or halibut fish from the Pacific.

Eating well and balanced always ensures that you will get what your body needs to live fully and happy.

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