15 Wonderful Benefits of Garlic for Your Health

Moreover, it is a food full of good health properties, besides being a powerful natural bactericide capable of fighting some respiratory or digestive tract infections, such as colds or diarrhea, has a large expectorant capacity, so it serves as a Great help to stop cough of bacterial origin.

If you want to know all the benefits that can give you this product that nature offers us, do not forget to read this article.

Do you know since when the good properties of garlic are known?
Garlic, before being used as a condiment in the kitchen to flavor a multitude of dishes, was already used as a natural medicine since ancient times.

If we look for a little in history, there is evidence of its use in an Egyptian papyrus, 1550 BC, which collected 22 mentions about its healing power for some heart ailments, to eliminate intestinal parasites and to treat tumors. There is also evidence of its use in Ancient Greece, where its use was recommended by Hippocrates for its medicinal qualities, and in other ancient civilizations, was consumed to provide energy and provide protection from all kinds of evils.

The best way to take advantage of all the good properties of the garlic is to take them raw, since if they undergo a cooking process, they can lose part of them. Taking just two cloves of garlic a day would be enough to get the numerous benefits that can bring you. You can add them, whenever possible, to salads, vegetables and sauces. But to really have positive effects on health, your consumption must be accompanied by a healthy diet, and never use it as a substitute for it.

At first, eating them alone can be a little risky because of the peculiar taste they have and the smell that may appear later, but if your stomach allows, I’ll give you 15 good reasons to at least raise it .

What are those benefits?

1. It is a good natural bactericide
Due to its sulfur compounds, garlic is one of the best remedies that is successfully used in the treatment of some respiratory ailments, such as colds, bronchitis or pharyngitis, and excretory apparatus, such as urine infections and cystitis.

2. Control cholesterol
Garlic-containing allicin, which appears when it is cut or crushed in the raw state, reduces total cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.

3. Improves circulation
By lowering cholesterol, what is achieved is to prevent it from adhering to the walls of the arteries, so you are improving circulation and decreasing the risk of arterial blockages or arteriosclerosis, which are the cause of most heart attacks. Heart and stroke.

It also improves ailments that appear as a consequence of poor circulation, such as hemorrhoids. This effect comes from vitamin B, which reduces levels of a substance that can damage the walls of blood vessels, and selenium that helps fight heart disease.

4. Helps control blood pressure
By improving blood circulation, garlic reduces the risk of thrombus formation and reduces hypertension. This effect is mainly due to the alginase and allicin content, which are especially effective in improving blood circulation.

5. Helps prevent some types of cancer
There are studies that associate the consumption of daily raw garlic with a lower incidence of cancer, especially of stomach and colon. The motif may be in a component containing garlic that blocks the formation of cancer cells in the stomach, which may appear during the digestion of certain foods.

6. It promotes digestion
Consume garlic regularly, it favors the secretion of stomach juices, and because of its antiseptic and antibiotic action, it is of great help to combat numerous diseases of the digestive system, such as intestinal putrefactions, diarrhea and even to eliminate intestinal worms, such as I had it.

7. It has a marked decongestant effect
It has a potent decongestant effect in the treatment of respiratory diseases, reducing congestion, promoting disinfection, and acting as an expectorant, being of great help for cough with phlegm.

8. Stimulates the defenses
By its antiviral and bactericidal properties, the garlic contributes to the reinforcement of the immune system and elevates the defenses, being of great help not only to improve the symptoms of the flu and colds but also to avoid them.

9. Improves sexual intercourse
By dilating the blood vessels and improving circulation, it also improves blood circulation in the genital area, achieving better erections in men, and in the case of women, greater sensitivity, and therefore, more relationships Pleasant

10. Helps to maintain good skin condition
Garlic has a marked bactericidal and fungicidal effect on the skin, so it is very useful in some skin ailments such as acne, warts, nail fungus of the hands or feet, and even for minor burns.

In addition, due to their antioxidant power, the garlic masks help the skin and tissues to regenerate and stay young and soft.

11. Help with the removal of liquids
It has a marked diuretic effect, so it is very helpful to eliminate body fluids, helping in ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, edemas, and gout.

12. It’s good for the brain
There are studies that indicate that garlic helps to increase the level of serotonin in the brain, a hormone that is active especially when doing some kind of outdoor sport, so it will help you fight stress and depression.

13. Improves blood sugar levels
Regular consumption of garlic helps increase the level of insulin, thus reducing blood sugar levels, and may be useful in case of diabetes.

14. Protect the liver and gallbladder
Introducing garlic into your daily diet will help protect the liver and gallbladder, keeping them healthy and strong.

15. Help purify the organism
Garlic has cleansing properties, so it will help your body to eliminate all toxins, and consequently, will improve the metabolism of your body, and may even help weight loss.

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