10 Years Going to the Doctor to Cure My Arthritis and This Tea Made It Disappear in 10 Days

Our health is undoubtedly one of the issues to which we give more importance. However, we know that it is not always easy to stay healthy in our day. The lifestyle we are forced to carry, food and other factors influence it.

That is why it is normal to see very young people suffering from evils that were generally only seen in older people. It is for this reason that we must keep ourselves informed about what we must do to avoid them. A good choice is an infusion.

At present, an evil that has become common among society are joint pain. Although this illness was suffered by older people, today we see young people suffering from it. To deal with it, the first thing they do is to go to the hospital where they receive a myriad of medicines. However, all they can do is relieve the pain momentarily.

On the other hand, there are people who prefer to use natural medicine to attack these types of conditions. Unlike drugs, natural medicine does not cause damage to other organs. In addition, it is much cheaper, accessible and does not cause side effects.

Pay attention to the following instructions so that you know how to use these natural ingredients to prepare a rich infusion that fights the evils of the bone system.

Natural Thyme Infusion for the Bone System

What we will need:
• Thyme leaves (1 tablespoon).
• Mineral water (1 cup).
• Honey (to taste).
• Lemon juice (optional).

Preparation and use:
Initially, we should boil the cup of water over medium heat. In the meantime, we can place the thyme leaves in a separate bowl. After the water has boiled, we put it in the cup where the leaves are. Now, let the infusion sit for about 10 minutes and add the lemon and honey.

This powerful infusion we must take every day, either in fasting or before bed. Among other benefits, we can cure the flu, cough, parasites, joint pains, gastritis, asthma, infections, etc. A few days after starting this treatment, we will feel a big difference in our health.

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