10 Unusual Uses for Lemons

The lemon has an endless number of properties that will be more than useful for different activities of our daily lives.

Take note and do not waste the world this kindly fruit.


1. Help to lose weight
Accompanied by water, lemon proves to be an excellent cleanser which makes it ideal for those people who want to lose weight.

It also removes toxins from the body and fights cellular aging.

2. Lemon to raise the defenses
Thanks to its antibacterial properties and to its contribution of vitamin C, the lemon helps to raise the defenses and combat the action of free radicals.

3. Removes odors from the fridge

If any product has spread a bad smell in your refrigerator do not get complicated.

Simply remove the food and soak a cotton in a little lemon juice.
Leave it for a few hours and the smell of citrus will clean the environment.

‘4. Aromatizer
Besides giving a pleasant smell to your home, with a simple homemade air freshener also you will neutralize the odors and disinfect the environment.

Next, we will teach you a recipe that, in addition to being easy, turns out to be very economical.


  • 1 lemon
  • 3 cups of water (750 ml)
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar (20 g)
  • 4 tablespoons baking soda (40 g)

What should you do?

  • Boil the lemon peels along with the water.
  • Add the vinegar and boil for 5 minutes.
  • Remove from the heat and wait for it to cool.
  • Put the bicarbonate in an atomizer and incorporate the rest of the mixture.
  • Shake and scatter all over your house.
  • Note: You can add other essences like vanilla, or add before boiling rosemary, mint or thyme to strengthen the aroma.

5. To disinfect
The citric acid provided by the lemon proves to be a potent antibacterial to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Together with the baking soda they make a perfect pair to disinfect naturally.



  • The juice of 2 lemons
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda (10 g)

What should you do?

  • Mix in a punch bowl the juice of 2 lemons with a spoonful of baking soda.
  • With the help of a sponge, go through those corners that accumulate dirt.

6. Clean the microwave

This appliance is one of the most fat accumulate and the most difficult to clean.

That’s why lemons can help you.

What should you do?

  • Pour in a microwave-safe container a cup of lemon juice (250 ml).
  • Place in microwave and program for a cycle of 5 minutes.
  • This will allow the juice emanating from the juice to remove the grease and dirt inside the microwave, making it easier to remove.

7. Eliminate odors on the chopped table with lemon
Usually happens that, although we wash the table, this continues with an unpleasant smell.

It is normal as it constantly has contact with strong foods like onion, garlic and so on.

What should you do?

  • Rub half of a lemon on the table and let the juice act for a few hours.
  • Then wash with plenty of soap and water.

8. Eliminate bad smells in your hands

The onion, the garlic and the fish are foods that leave impregnated their smell in our hands when manipulating them.

So that you do not pass the smell of them to other ingredients rub your hands in half lemon and then wash them with abundant water and soap.

9. So that the fruits do not oxidize
It has all happened to us that we split an apple in half, we keep the remaining piece and, when we want to consume it, it is completely oxidized.

The same goes for avocado and other fruits and vegetables.

What should you do?

  • To avoid this spray a little lemon on them.
  • Its antioxidant power will help keep them in good condition.

10. Stain remover for clothing
whether sweat, deodorant, fat, wine, coffee or any food, lemon is your ally to remove a stain on your garment.


  • ½ cup lemon juice (125 ml)
  • Detergent (the necessary)

What should you do?

  • In a suitable container mix the lemon juice with a little detergent.
  • Rub it on the stain for a few minutes, let it act for a few hours and wash as usual.

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