10 Tips To Use Benefits Of Water, Pulp And Coconut Shell

Coconut is a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber that offers multiple health benefits. However, it is also a good ally as a cosmetic product and an excellent ingredient in the kitchen.

Discover in this article 10 amazing, curious and very practical tips to take advantage of all that a coconut has.

1. Water remineralizing

Coconut water is, in all likelihood, one of the healthiest, most natural and moisturizing drinks available.

It is even one of the best options when we can not drink water, similar to a saline solution. It contains essential electrolytes and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus.

We can buy it or extract it from a virgin coconut through one of the three holes it has. Chop all three with a long, narrow utensil, like a screwdriver, until one of them opens and lets the water out.

2. Face Tonic
This same water is an excellent natural facial tonic, as it contains essential fatty acids from the pulp but in small quantities.

• In this way, it hydrates and nourishes the skin without greasing it, at the same time that we contribute all the minerals to have a luminous and rejuvenated dermis.

We will apply it in the morning when we wake up and at night before bed with the help of a cotton.

3. Lactose-free milk

Are you looking for an alternative to cow’s milk but that has flavor, consistency and is not watery?

Coconut milk is the best choice, both for its delicate taste and a number of nutrients and beneficial fats it contains.•

• In this way, we can prepare a milk without lactose that will even serve us to cook.
• We can buy coconut milk or make it ourselves, beating the pulp with hot water and passing it through a colander.

4. Nutritive oil as a supplement

Extra virgin coconut oil has become an excellent supplement for health.

If we take one or two tablespoons a day we can get multiple health benefits, such as:

• Reduce cholesterol.
• Activate metabolism.
• Lose weight more easily.
• Improve digestion.
• Raise the defenses.

5. Non-toxic cooking oil
This oil is also the best when it comes to cooking, as it does not alter or become toxic with high temperatures.

So far, the most popular olive oil. However, coconut oil can be used even several times for frying without it becoming detrimental to health.

Although its aroma is delicious for many people, we can also find it refined and tasteless.

6. Cosmetic for skin and hair
Coconut oil, besides being a supplement and an ingredient in the kitchen, is also a 100% natural cosmetic for the skin and hair.

Despite being fatty, it is suitable for all skin types, as it acts as a regulator of sebum and also has antioxidant properties and softeners.

7. Baking pulp
If we make coconut milk ourselves, when we stick it we will have the coconut pulp, with a high fiber content.

• We can use this pulp as a flour, to make biscuits and cookies.
• In this way, we will obtain sweets lighter, nutritious and juicy.

8. Superfood for athletes

Thanks to the energetic, remineralizing and revitalizing properties of coconut, we must emphasize its importance in the diet of sports people.

Both coconut water and moisturizing serum, such as milk and oil, will be very beneficial for energy and facilitate recovery after exercise.

9. Non-fattening chocolates
Are the chocolates a temptation for you? You can make simple and healthy homemade chocolates mixing coconut oil with pure cocoa and refined stevia.

• We will make the mixture at a temperature above 23 ° C so that the oil melts and then we will put them in a mold in the refrigerator.
• In half an hour they will be ready.
• You can also add fruits or dried fruits and spices to your taste.

10. Coconut shells for barbecues
Do not drop the coconut shells! They burn very well and make a good flame, which is very useful for lighting chimneys and barbecues without using coal.

Coconut takes advantage of everything!


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