These 10 foods praised by millions actually do more harm than good

Healthy foods that promise miracles are more popular than ever. The geniuses of advertising work their magic to induce us to believe that the products we buy are good for us. But some of the foods that we believe are healthy actually do more harm than good.
At we decided to find out what healthy foods are not as innocent as we might think. How many of them do you consume every day as part of your healthy diet?

10. Fruit juice

Those fruit juices that we all adore are not really made of fruits, but of delicious chemical products that give fruit the perfect color and flavor. Basically, we’re drinking fruity water full of sugar.

Even if you prepare a juice with 100 percent fresh ingredients, it is not so healthy because you have removed everything good (fiber). The only thing that remains is sugar. Unless you want to gain weight, opt for whole fruits.

9. Granola bars

It does not matter if your favorite granola bar snack has nuts and fruits or is high in fiber. Almost all of them have a high level of sugar and a surprisingly low level of nutrients. If you’re looking for a really healthy snack, choose apples or almonds.

8. Baked beans

The beans are great, as they are rich in fiber. In addition, they are an incredible source of vegetable protein. But baked beans are not so much. Canned goods are only a mixture of beans, sugar, sodium and other food additives. Avoid unnecessary calories and prepare your beans at home.

7. Pretzels

Pretzels, the healthy sandwich of all times, praised and loved by millions of people around the world as a low-fat snack, turns out to lack nutritional value. It also has high levels of sodium and almost no protein. If the craving is so strong, sometimes you can combine pretzels with foods rich in protein and fiber (cheese or an apple).

6. Vegetable chips


Do not be surprised that vegetable chips contain so few vegetables (it does not matter if they are fried or baked) that the nutritional value simply disappears. Opt for raw vegetables!

5. “Fat-free” or “low-fat” foods


Saturated fat was declared a public enemy and food manufacturers rushed to eliminate it from their products. The problem is that the food does not taste good when the fat is removed, so the producers found a simple solution: add more sugar. Saturated fat is relatively harmless, but sugar is not.

4. Inflated rice

Puffed rice crackers are the number one choice for millions of people trying to lose a little weight. These cookies are not so innocent, since they lack fiber and protein and are considered a snack full of carbohydrates (a high proportion in relation to their weight). Basically, consume useless calories that do not even fill you up.

3. Sports drinks

A sports drink is nothing more than water flavored with sugar and electrolytes (salt), which is useful for training athletes. Ordinary people do not really need extra salt and only a few need liquid sugar. If you are not planning an exhausting training session, opt for simple water.

2. Dry fruits

Do not go crazy over nuts. Nuts are healthy when consumed in moderation and about 6 nuts will give you all the benefits and take away your hunger. More nuts (dried fruits) equals more calories. Forget about any type of nuts, peanuts or flavored almonds (salty, sugary or toasted). Always consume them raw. Otherwise, they will not give you any benefit.

1. Processed or gluten-free foods

“Organic” and “gluten-free” foods are very popular nowadays and attract millions of followers.What is not mentioned is that these organic and gluten-free products can have a high sugar content and contain refined grains (grains) and not so healthy oils that make them low nutritional value foods.The real organic and gluten-free foods are fresh fruits and vegetables.
Which of these foods do you consume on a daily basis? Tell us in the comments!

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