10 Alternative Uses Of Lemon

The acidity of lemon usually characterizes a large number of dishes and flavors, so it is an essential ingredient in every kitchen. In addition to possessing properties that make it a very sought after dressing, it has qualities that allow it to perform in other areas of the home. Many times we do not use all the juice that the lemon has and we throw it in the garbage, losing much of its potential, since it can be used as a cleaner, as a mediator, polisher, bleacher, even as a decorative element and deodorant, good results.

10 Alternative uses for lemon

Here are 10 alternative uses of lemon to “get all the juice” and take advantage of its many benefits in the home, kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the house.

1. Remove scale in basin and bath

Rub half a lemon over hard water stains and soap accumulated in the sink or bath. Dip the lemon into thick salt in advance to give it an extra wash. Lemons are also useful in decalcifying teapots and removing hard water stains from other appliances containing water, such as coffee makers. To descale the tartar from the teapot, boil pieces of lemon inside the pot, and then let the water sit for a few hours before rinsing. You can also fill the teapot with the diluted lemon juice and let it sit for a few hours.

2. Removes stains from cutting boards
Foods usually mark the plastic and wooden boards we use for chopping. If we cut a lemon in half, and we squeeze the juice on the dirty surface and rub for 20 minutes the stains will go away. How to clean and disinfect the wooden board.

3. Remove tea stains from clothing
If we dilute lemon juice in an equal amount of water, apply the mixture on the stain and then wash the garment with cold water, we can eliminate the tea stain completely.

4. Decorate with little money

Filling a glass container with fresh lemons can create a very economical and nice centerpiece.

5. Relieves a sore throat
To relieve a sore throat with lemon first we must cut one in half and grind it until your skin is browned. Once it cools, we mix it with a teaspoon of honey and let it stand for one day. The next day we will have ready the mixture that will remove our discomfort. Syrup

6. Nail polish
Rubbing your nails with a slice of lemon can whiten them.

7. Disinfects cuts on the skin
Applying drops of lemon on a wound eliminates the possible infections.

8. Gives copper utensils
We can make the utensils glistening by sprinkling a slice of lemon with salt and rubbing the cutlery with a flannel.

9. Lighten the white linen

Adding 1/2 cup of lemon juice to our clothes while in the washing machine will make bleaching clothes without chlorine.

9. Eliminates bad odors
Rub lemon juice on cutting boards that have kept strong odors or stains, and clean with soap and water. For the refrigerator, pour a little lemon juice into a sponge or cloth and put it in the refrigerator until the smell disappears.

To eliminate odors from garbage disposers in your kitchen, you can introduce leftover lemon peels (make sure the pieces are small or they will get stuck).

10. Lemon is a natural cleanser
Lemon juice functions as a natural household cleaner. You can use the lemon juice or squeeze a lemon directly on the surfaces of the kitchen or bathroom, and wipe with a damp cloth to remove the sticky residue. For stains and dirty areas you can mix some vinegar and water with lemon juice to get better benefits, such as cleaning the oven naturally.

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